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Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Do I need to be on site at the time of template/measure and installation?

Yes, for us to provide you with the countertops you envisioned the decision maker MUST be present at both the template/measure and installation.

What are your countertop lead times?

Typical lead times for standard and stock materials:

Laminate Countertops-supply only picked up at our shop:
Stock Colors 1-2 weeks
Non Stock Colors 3-4 weeks

Installed Corian and Quartz Countertops 2-3 weeks (from template/measure to installation)

Lead times can vary depending upon current workload and your countertop specifications and surface selection.

Can you disconnect and reconnect my electrical and plumbing connections?

No, Robar Countertops is not licensed for electrical or plumbing work. You will need to make arrangements for this service yourself.

Can I install my own countertops?

  • Laminate: Yes, you can install your own countertops with basic carpentry skills and a simple countertop layout. We do recommend hiring a professional for the more complicated layouts with one or more seams.
  • Solid Surface: No, the manufacturer's warranty only applies if the countertops are installed by an authorized installer.
  • Quartz: No, the manufacturer's warranty only applies if the countertops are installed by an authorized installer.

What are the advantages of Quartz Countertops?

  • Maintenance free
  • Non-porous, requires no sealing
  • Food safe
  • Large color selection
  • Stain resistant
  • Scratch and chip resistant
  • 10 year warranty

What are the advantages of Solid Surface Countertops?

  • Many colors to choose from
  • Non-porous, requires no sealing
  • Integral sink option
  • Long lasting value
  • Renewable to original appearance
  • 10 year warranty

What are the advantages of Laminate Countertops?

  • Design flexibility
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great value
  • Seamless backsplash option

Can I place a hot pot on my countertops?

We recommend that you DO NOT place any hot items such as hot pots and hot pans on any of the countertop surfaces we provide.

Will the seams be visible in my countertops?

Laminate: Yes, some laminate patterns disguise seams better than others.

Solid Surface: Yes, but seams are very inconspicuous.

Quartz: Yes, all seams are visible and typically 1/16"

Will my countertops have a seam?

Seam placement is determined by the countertop layout and the size and/or fabrication limitations of each surface. We try to minimize seams whenever possible, but most countertops will require a seam(s).

How thick are countertops?

Laminate: The deck is typically 11/16" thick with a build down of the edge profile giving an overall thickness of 1 3/8" above your cabinets.

Solid Surface: Corianl is 1/2" thick with 1 1/4" build down of the edge profile.

Quartz: Zodiaq is a full 3cm (1 1/4") thick material

What is a Solid Surface or Corian countertop?

This is a man-made material that does not stain, does not require sealing and will not breed bacteria. It is an advanced blend of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer. This material has the ability to be adhered together, allowing a "seamless" appearance, although the seams are meant to be inconspicuous but not invisible.

What is Engineered Quartz or Zodiaq countertop?

This material has the look and feel of natural stone, but is actually stronger due to its engineered make-up. It is made up of 93% natural quartz and 7% pigments and polymer resins combined together and compacted into slabs by a special vacuum and vibration process at a pressure of 100 Tons.

What is a Plastic Laminate countertop?

Digital images printed on paper and laid over layers of kraft paper sheets, impregnated with phenolyc resin, and bonded to 11/16" particle board.

How should I clean my countertops?

For everyday cleaning, mild dish soap and water should be sufficient. There are also cleaners available at your local home improvement stores. To avoid water streaks, wipe counters dry after cleaning. WindexÆ or similar products can be used to clean up excess oil but are not recommended for daily use due to the acidic levels in the product. These types of cleaners also contain dyes and should not be left on the counters for an extended period of time.

Can I stain my countertops?

Solid Surface and Engineered quartz can not be stained due to their chemical make up. Plastic laminate will resist many stains, but can not be sealed to be "stain-proof."

Does Robar Countertops Measure and Install?

We provide measuring and installation services on our Corian and Zodiaq products only. Laminate countertops are measured and installed by your cabinet maker or contractor.

Does Robar Countertops have a Warranty?

Robar Countertops Ltd. has produced this countertop to meet the standards of the supplier. Any defects in this product due to faulty workmanship or defective materials which appear during 12 months after the date shipped will be repaired or a new top supplied at the discretion of the manufacturer, at no cost to the owner. Removal of the old or installation of the new countertop will be your responsibility. This Warranty is limited to repairing or replacing defects only and does not apply where such defects arise through faulty installation, repairs done by others, misuse or by water damage.

How do I install a Robar Laminate Countertop?

  1. Ensure the sink is properly sealed under rim with a good quality acrylic caulking. Do not rely on the gasket that is supplied with your sink.
  2. Ensure all joints are assembled using carpenters' glue.
  3. Never allow water or other liquids to remain on joints, wipe up immediately. Because the top is a wood product, the joints are not impervious to water. Warranty does not cover water damage of any kind.
  4. Never allow anything sharp or pointed to come into contact with the cove portion of the countertop - such as cutting boards, canisters, breadboxes, etc.