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Robar Countertops has been manufacturing quality countertops for homes just like yours since 1980.  During this time we have manufactured many, many miles of countertops and the experience we have gained has allowed us to become a leading Nova Scotia supplier.

Today there are a wide variety of choices available to the homeowner in terms of materials as well as colours and patterns. Our Material Comparison page will help to further explain some of benefits associated with each option.

One of our most popular products is postformed laminate tops. Postforming is the process of forming decorative laminate into simple bends and shapes using heat and pressure. This is the process by which we manufacture our laminate tops in a variety of profile patterns.

Styles and tastes are always evolving and this has lead to an increased demand for solid surfaces such as our Corian® Solid Surface and Corian® Quartz surfaces by DuPont™. In addition to the many advantages associated with the materials themselves, a solid surface countertop adds an upscale appearance to a home which realtors often suggests to be a wise investment.

Solid surfaces also have the advantage that they can be worked into a much larger variety of shapes which designers and architects have been making use of for unique and custom kitchen designs.